Use Unique Passwords for Each Online Account

Use Unique Passwords for Each Online Account

You probably have more than one online account, and each account should have a unique password. That is a lot of passwords to remember. However, the consequence of not using strong and unique passwords leaves you and your data vulnerable to criminals. Using the same password for all your online accounts is like using the same key for all your locked doors, if an attacker was to discover your password he would have the ability to access everything you own. If criminals get your password through phishing for example, they will try to get into your other online accounts. If you only use one password for all accounts, they can get into all your accounts, steal or erase all your data, or decide to impersonate you.

We use so many online accounts that need passwords; it is too much to remember. One solution to avoid reusing passwords or using weak passwords is to use a password manager. A password manager stores and encrypts all of your different and complex passwords. The manager can then help you to log into your online accounts automatically. You only need to remember your master password to access the password manager and manage all of your accounts and passwords.

Tips for choosing a good password:

  • Do not use dictionary words or names in any languages
  • Do not use common misspellings of dictionary words
  • Do not use computer names or account names
  • If possible use special characters, such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
  • Use a ten or more character password

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