Use Passphrase Rather Than a Password

Use Passphrase Rather Than a Password

To prevent unauthorized physical access to your computing devices, use passphrases, rather than passwords. It is easier to create a long passphrase than a password because it is generally in the form of a sentence rather than a word. The longer length makes passphrases less vulnerable to dictionary or brute force attacks. Furthermore, a passphrase maybe easier to remember especially if you are required to change your password frequently. Here are some tips in choosing good passwords or passphrases:

Tips in choosing a good passphrase:

  • Choose a meaningful statement to you
  • Add special characters, such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
  • The longer the better
  • Avoid common or famous statements, for example, lyrics from a popular song

Even with access to your computers and network devices secured, it is also important to protect and preserve your data.

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