Linux Essentials — Chapter 02 Exam Answers

Linux Essentials — Chapter 02 Exam Answers

  1. 1. Question

    The Samba application is a:

  2. 2. Question

    Which of the following are examples of desktop software?
    (choose two)

  3. 3. Question

    If you wanted to set up a blog, which software would be most helpful?

  4. 4. Question

    Which of the following pieces of software deal with file sharing?
    (choose three)

  5. 5. Question

    If you wanted to create and print an invoice, which software could you use?

  6. 6. Question

    POP and IMAP are related to:

  7. 7. Question

    When a computer boots, it can get its network information through:

  8. 8. Question

    Which of the following are examples of text editors?
    (choose four)

  9. 9. Question

    A package manager:
    (choose two)

  10. 10. Question

    An interpreted programming language:
    (choose two)

  11. 11. Question

    Which of the following are true about compiled programming languages?

  12. 12. Question

    Which package manager is used in Fedora, a Red Hat derived system?

  13. 13. Question

    The Linux shell:
    (choose three)

  14. 14. Question

    Which application would you use to edit and piece together sound files to make podcast?

  15. 15. Question

    The two main families of Linux shells are:
    (choose two)

  16. 16. Question

    Which server software would you use to create a company directory that you could search and authenticate against?

  17. 17. Question

    A Mail Transfer Agent’s primary purpose is to:

  18. 18. Question

    Which of the following are examples of a web server?
    (choose two)

  19. 19. Question

    If you wanted to let a Linux machine share files with Windows clients and servers, you would use:

  20. 20. Question

    Richard Stallman is associated with:

  21. 21. Question

    A “copyleft provision” in a software license means:

  22. 22. Question

    The largest difference between the GPLv2 and BSD licenses is:

  23. 23. Question

    The Free Software Foundation believes that:
    (choose two)

  24. 24. Question

    Which of the following licenses was made by the FSF?

  25. 25. Question

    A permissive free software license:
    (choose two)

  26. 26. Question

    Linux is distributed under which license?

  27. 27. Question

    Who founded the Open Source Initiative?
    (choose two)

  28. 28. Question

    A generic term for Open Source and Free Software is:

  29. 29. Question

    Which are examples of permissive software licenses?
    (choose two)

  30. 30. Question

    What does it mean when a work is placed in the public domain?

  31. 31. Question

    Creative Commons licenses allow you to:
    (choose three)

  32. 32. Question

    If a podcast is licensed under the CC BY-ND license, you may:
    (choose two)

  33. 33. Question

    How can you make money from open source software?
    (choose three)

  34. 34. Question

    To place software under an open source license, you must give up your copyright.
    True or False?

  35. 35. Question

    The difference between the GPL and LGPL licenses are:

  36. 36. Question

    Permissive free software licenses:
    (choose three)

  37. 37. Question

    The Creative Commons version of Public Domain licensing is:

  38. 38. Question

    Your company makes a hardware firewall that runs a custom Linux kernel. What are your obligations under GPLv2?

  39. 39. Question

    Participating in open source projects can improve your technical skills, even if it is not your day job.
    True or False?