Linux Essentials — Chapter 01 Exam Answers

Linux Essentials — Chapter 01 Exam Answers

  1. 1. Question

    One of the jobs of the kernel is to:

  2. 2. Question

    Unix is:
    (choose two)

  3. 3. Question

    Linux is written in:

  4. 4. Question

    Source code refers to:

  5. 5. Question

    Open source means:
    (choose two)

  6. 6. Question

    Most of the tools that are part of Linux systems come from:

  7. 7. Question

    The Linux platform that runs on mobile phones is called:

  8. 8. Question

    What does a distribution provide to add and remove software from the system?

  9. 9. Question

    The bootloader’s job is to:

  10. 10. Question

    UNIX was originally invented at:

  11. 11. Question

    A license where you don’t have access to the source code is called:

  12. 12. Question

    Which distributions are made by, or clones of, Red Hat?
    (choose two)

  13. 13. Question

    Ubuntu is derived from which distribution?

  14. 14. Question

    Open source licenses differ, but generally agree that:
    (choose two)

  15. 15. Question

    Applications make requests to the kernel and receive resources, such as memory, CPU, and disk in return.
    True or False?

  16. 16. Question

    The most important consideration when choosing an operating system is:

  17. 17. Question

    Linux is not Unix because:

  18. 18. Question

    A release cycle:

  19. 19. Question

    A maintenance cycle:

  20. 20. Question

    If a software release is in a state in that it has many new features that have not been rigorously tested, it is typically referred to as beta software.
    True or False?

  21. 21. Question

    Software is backward compatible if:

  22. 22. Question

    Apple’s OS X is:
    (choose three)

  23. 23. Question

    Microsoft Windows:
    (choose three)

  24. 24. Question

    Other commercial Unixes:
    (choose two)

  25. 25. Question

    When choosing a distribution of Linux, you should consider:
    (choose five)