CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam Full 2017 100%

CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam Full 2017 100%

Noted: There are 3 questions (25, 26, 27) were updated in 11 March, 2018.

  1. 25. Question
    Which protocol is used by a client to communicate securely with a web server?
    HTTPS is a secure form of HTTP used to access web content hosted by a web server.
  2. 26. Question
    What message type is used by an HTTP client to request data from a web server?
    HTTP clients send GET messages to request data from web servers.
  3. 27. Question
    What is the function of the Nslookup utility?
    Nslookup is a command-line utility that is used to send a query to DNS servers to resolve a specific host name to an IP address.
  1. 1. Question
    Which two definitions accurately describe the associated application layer protocol? (Choose two.)
  2. 2. Question
    The application layer of the TCP/IP model performs the functions of what three layers of the OSI model? (Choose three.)
  3. 3. Question
    Which layer in the TCP/IP model is used for formatting, compressing, and encrypting data?
  4. 4. Question
    What are two characteristics of the application layer of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.)
  5. 5. Question
    A manufacturing company subscribes to certain hosted services from its ISP. The services that are required include hosted world wide web, file transfer, and e-mail. Which protocols represent these three key applications? (Choose three.)
  6. 6. Question
    What is an example of network communication that uses the client-server model?
  7. 7. Question
    Two students are working on a network design project. One student is doing the drawing, while the other student is writing the proposal. The drawing is finished and the student wants to share the folder that contains the drawing so that the other student can access the file and copy it to a USB drive. Which networking model is being used?
  8. 8. Question
    What do the client/server and peer-to-peer network models have in common?
  9. 9. Question
    What is an advantage for small organizations of adopting IMAP instead of POP?
  10. 10. Question
    Which application layer protocol uses message types such as GET, PUT, and POST?
  11. 11. Question
    When retrieving email messages, which protocol allows for easy, centralized storage and backup of emails that would be desirable for a small- to medium-sized business?
  12. 12. Question
    Which three statements describe a DHCP Discover message? (Choose three.)
  13. 13. Question
    What part of the URL,, represents the top-level DNS domain?
  14. 14. Question
    Which two tasks can be performed by a local DNS server? (Choose two.)
  15. 15. Question
    Which phrase describes an FTP daemon?
  16. 16. Question
    Which statement is true about FTP?
  17. 17. Question
    What is true about the Server Message Block protocol?
  18. 18. Question

    Which application layer protocol is used to provide file-sharing and print services to Microsoft applications?

  19. 19. Question

    Fill in the blank.
    What is the acronym for the protocol that is used when securely communicating with a web server?    HTTPS

  20. 20. Question

    Fill in the blank. 
    The HTTP message type used by the client to request data from the web server is the               GET          message.

  21. 21. Question

    Fill in the blank.

    CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 001

    CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 001

    Refer to the exhibit. What command was used to resolve a given host name by querying the name servers?   NSLOOKUP

  22. 22. Question

    Match a statement to the related network model. (Not all options are used.)

    CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 01

    CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 01

  23. 23. Question

    Match the functions to the name of the application. (Not all options are used.)

    CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 02

    CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 02

  24. 24. Question

    Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

    Which PC or PCs are sending FTP packets to the server?