Lab – Gather Information from the Customer Answers – ITE v7.0 Lab – Gather Information from the Customer Answers – ITE v7.0

Lab – Gather Information from the Customer (Answer Version)

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In this lab, you will act as a call center technician and create closed-ended and open-ended questions to ask a customer about a laptop problem.

A customer complains that the network connection on the laptop is intermittent. The customer states that they are using a wireless PC card for network connectivity. The customer believes that the laptop may be too far from the wireless access point; however, he does not know where the wireless access point is located.

As a technician, you need to be able to ask questions that will be recorded on a work order. In the table below, record closed-ended questions and open-ended questions that you would ask a customer.

Closed-end QuestionsOpen-ended Questions
How long has the network connection been malfunctioning?What are the problems that you are experiencing with the laptop?
What is the manufacturer and model of the laptop?What system changes have you made on the laptop recently?
Which operating system is installed on the laptop?What were you doing when the problem occurred?
Have you installed any new drivers or updates recently?What new drivers or updates have you installed recently?
Does your laptop have a wireless network connection?Explain how to reproduce the problem or error for me now.
Please open your wireless network connection status window and tell me the connection information.