Do Not Share Too Much on Social Media

Do Not Share Too Much on Social Media


If you want to keep your privacy on social media, share as little information as possible. You should not share information like your birth date, email address, or your phone number on your profile. The people who need to know your personal information probably already know it. Do not fill out your social media profile completely, only provide the minimum required information. Furthermore, check your social media settings to allow only people you know to see your activities or engage in your conversations.

The more personal information you share online, the easier it is for someone to create a profile about you and take advantage of you offline.

Have you ever forgotten the username and password for an online account? Security questions like “What is your mother’s maiden name?” or “In what city were you born?” are supposed to help keep your account safe from intruders. However, anyone who wants to access your accounts can search for the answers on the Internet. You can answer these questions with false information, as long as you can remember the false answers. If you have a problem remembering them, you can use password manager to manage them for you.